Tax and Audit

Bershtein Law’s Tax and Audit practice focuses on helping our clients accumulate and maintain wealth. From representing our client’s interests in front of government agencies to helping them minimize the impact of taxes on their businesses to the legal minimum, our services are at your disposal.

Our team has worked with clients of all sizes including single member LLCs and Fortune 500 companies. As a result, we are able to tailor our services to your specific needs and scale them accordingly. We regularly coordinate planning between accountants, financial advisers, and family members to generate better synergies and focus on keeping money in our client’s pockets.


Focus Areas

  • Proactive Planning
  • Entity Formation and Advisement
  • Family Employment
  • Tax-deferred Retirement Plans
  • Intelligent Location of Activities
  • IRS Audits
  • Inheritance Taxation
  • Coordination with Estate Planning